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18 August 2011 @ 02:03 am
Fic: White Dove For A Soldier [Smallville/Supernatural - Clark/Ruby - PG-13]  
Title: White Dove For A Soldier
Fandom(s): Smallville/Supernatural
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Clark/Ruby
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for language; established relationship.
Word count: 1980
Spoilers: None really.
Disclaimer: I don't own these shows or the characters from them. Just borrowing for fun things.
Summary: A casual conversation turns into a panic attack, or something like it. Established Clark/Ruby friendship...sort of. There was definitely some manipulation in there somewhere.
Notes: This is the longest single scene I've ever written as well as the longest fic I've ever written. I didn't really have anything in mind when I started, just let to story go where it was going to go. I hope someone enjoys my insanity. Title from All That I Am by Rob Thomas.
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