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25 February 2012 @ 04:42 pm
SV/SpN crossover: Convenient  
Title:  Convenient

Author:  twinsarein

Fandom:  Crossover - Smallville/Supernatural

Pairing:  Dean Winchester/Lex Luthor

Rating:  NC-17

Word count:  2,331

Genre/tropes/warning:  PWP, AU, rimming, no emotional connection here - just two men working off their extra energy.

Summary:  Dean gives Lex a hand in getting rid of a demon, and then they both need to  scratch an itch.

A/N:  Day 23 of rife28.  
A/N #2:  Not a sequel to Something New (Clark Kent/Sam Winchester), but more of a parallel story.

Cut to the story on my LJ